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Social Media Checks have become indispensable for today's employers, enhancing traditional pre-employment screening, and offering invaluable insights into candidates' online personas. At SP Index, we specialise in providing comprehensive Social Media Checks on new recruits, collaborating with organisations of all sizes and industries, as well as leading players in the Background Screening sector. We recognise the importance of safeguarding your organisation, assets, people, brand, and reputation. With our expertise, we delve beyond the surface, meticulously uncovering any potentially concerning online behaviours that could jeopardise your business interests. Our commitment to excellence is ingrained in our cutting-edge technology and thorough assessment ***ods, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse business sectors. With SP Index, you can access a suite of Social Media Checks and online vetting services built on expertise, advanced technology, and unbiased evaluation. Join the multitude of organisations who trust SP Index as their partner in upholding integrity and security in the digital landscape and get in touch today.

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Bedford, Bedfordshire, East of England

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